2005-03-02 - Golden Roo

This is not the sharpest photo but it is still one of my favourites because of the golden light on the kangaroo. Taken early one morning last year with my Nikon D70 and a borrowed Nikon 80-200mm F2.8 lens.

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miles Wow, that really is great light, the 'roo is also in a great position, that's more important than a bit more sharpness :)
Nate Looking good Spyder ;) It's been too long.. just happened to be looking through my bookmarks and found yours--looks like I've got some good timing!

I like what you've done with the Next/Prev links--very creative.
Jason Very nice. I love the new look, I love the new logo, and I am sure I have already made it perfectly clear, but if I haven't, I love your photography as do my children. Speaking of which, Aidan is now knows you by your name and is pronouncing it quite well.
Jeroen Really great to see you've finally managed to put some of your shots online again, even with commenting functionality. Really love the logo and the way you build the Previous/Next buttons on top of the photo.

You know I love your photography and still think it's a shame I don't see it at deviantART. This one isn't an exception. Really love the photo and the unsharpness gives it a bit of a surreal, warm, heaven-like feeling to it.
Stephen Cameron Thanks everyone, these comments are much appreciated...

Jason: it is a very nice thought for me that you and your kids enjoy my photos so much. I really love doing it and I hope that shows through. I also hope I can continue to bring you daily photos! So far so good!

Jeroen: thanks my friend and keep an eye out on DA because once I get this running a bit more smoothly, you never know what might happen ;-)
Ela again - a great picture and a very good composition...kangaroos seem to be very graceful models. Unfortunatelly our cat is "too cool" for posing...he's got better things to do in life such as sleeping, eating and ......sleeping! I love the colour of the picture as well- very warm and earthy... and the simplicity of the shot...
tetsu Nice shot!
Eyes of kangaroo are a little bit sorrowful.
tetsu Beautiful shot! Nice work. :-)