2005-03-06 - Green Machine

Probably my favourite thing about moving from a compact camera to an SLR has been the ability to really control the depth of field and focus selectively. This shot was taken with a 25 year old Vivitar F2.8 macro lens - no metering or auto focus but lots of fun to use!

Any guesses what this is?

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Jeroen I love it, mainly because of the depth of field. I have no idea what it is though :-)

My dad still has an old SLR with a huge lens as well. Even though I hate developing the shots -- and that I am not much of a photographer -- I can just play with the thing for hours and hours.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Jeroen - I think I like this shot partly because it is ambiguious and you can almost imagine it to be whatever you want. It is actually a shot of some Poinciana leaves on a tree near my house.

I know what you mean about the old SLRs - there's something very satisfying about using one - something that you miss when you use a fully automated point and shoot camera... This old macro lens gives me that satisfaction in a similar way because I have to set everything in order to get the photograph and it really makes me slow down and think about things more.
Jason This photograph is brilliant! It is smooth and beautiful and looks like it could be so many different things. I love it :)
Ela I think that's one of my favourite pictures on your site.... can't exactly say why...just something quite special about it...and I love the colour...
Graeme looks like a dinosaur, fantastic composition and DOF. One of your best