2005-03-09 - Surf's Up

I took this photo on a recent trip to Byron Bay. I had a fantastic time there (the place has a great vibe) and there were almost endless photo opportunities. Pictured here is a surfer about to enter the water at Watego's Beach. The bright colours of his shirt and board caught my eye on this one.

I'll no doubt be posting more photos from Byron Bay but I decided to start off with this one since it has special meaning to me - this is the beach where I learnt to surf and caught my first proper wave. I still have a long way to go but it was good fun!

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Jason Definitely a nice shot, I love the verticality. The only thing I noticed is that you could have improved the composition had you taken the shot from a lower vantage point. As it stands, you have broken the canvas up into halves, the water and the sand. The figure stands boldly in the lower half with only a small portion of his head breaking the halfway mark. Had you squatted, you could have increased the amount of space he took in the upper half, thus minimizing the ambiguousness of figure's role in the scene.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Jason - points well taken - this is actually a crop of a much wider shot (although it was at full telephoto of 210mm since I was quite far away). I went for this crop to get both elements, sea and sand, in the shot but I probably would've been better off with less sea or a lot more sea to avoid the halving of the shot. What also made this a bit awkward was that I was also trying to keep the proportions of shot while excluding some distracting elements (namely a couple of swimmers in the sea).