2005-04-15 - In the Zone

Fire twirling is a truly mesmirizing art form, especially when seen at close range. Last year, we had a visitor who was quite handy with fire, so of course we had to have some demonstrations. It was a memorable experience - particularly the part where he accidentally lit the fuel bottle and set half our front lawn on fire! That's another story though...

This shot was my most successful of the night (I only had the Coolpix 990 at the time). I was most disappointed that I didn't get the full ring of fire in the frame. I think it would have been a much stronger image if I had (or at least it would give me more cropping options). It's not all bad though - I really like the way the flames flare out in the bottom left corner and the motion blur on the arms/hands. You can also really see the concentration required.

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Ela I quite like the fact that it is cropped, as it makes it a bit more interesting. I think it would be a bit too 'perfect' if you could see the whole ring.
Stephen Cameron That's a good point Ela, maybe I would have been tempted to crop it like this anyway if I'd had the full ring. My main concern with the crop was that the shot wouldn't work as a print. Now that I've put it on this page, I don't mind the way it looks so that goes to show that the external framing can really make a shot.

Thanks for all your comments :-)