2005-04-27 - F-111

As part of the Anzac Day events, there was a flyover of an F-111 Fighter Jet. Very impressive machines, even when cruising, as this one was.

I managed to get 6 photos as the jet flew overhead, with my 70-210mm lens. It was low enough to fill the frame reasonably well, so I was happy about that. The light was not good though - very harsh with lots of glare, making it awkward to get much detail. I was fairly pleased with the results but they weren't outstanding so I tried to think of a way to better present my chosen shot. I rotated and cropped the photo to give it a more interesting angle and increased the contrast to bring out more colour and detail in the clouds. I actually was going to post a slightly different shot that showed the plane in greater detail but in the end, I liked the symmetry of this one.

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Jeroen Mulder Brilliant. I love the symmetry as well, but maybe the silhouette look even more.

Last summer vacation near Venice in Italy a group of jets were doing aerial stunts right over the beach. It was awesome and I still regret I didn't go home to get my camera. Tough choice, I guess :-P