2005-05-31 - Liquid Train

Long exposure photos with some sort of movement in them have always appealed to me. I just love the fact these photos are more than just a record of what you could see with your eyes.

A tripod is usually essential for these sorts of photos but on this occasion I didn't have one so I had to lean the camera against a pole for the 1/2 second exposure. As a result, it is not as sharp as it could have been and I wasn't able to use a very long exposure to really smooth the train as it glided past. I would have also liked a more dramatic perspective but I couldn't move away from my pole support.

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Heidi No worries about a "more dramatic perspective", this shot is brilliant! Arghh, I wish I could do these kind of pictures but I am really crap at it... Hm, so much to learn, heh..