2005-07-10 - Walisuma

Next in my set of mini-series is a bunch of photos taken at the Woodford Folk Festival in late December last year. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed my day.

This guy is one of the members of a South American group called Walisuma - they put on an awesome performance and really got everyone in the audience going. One of my favourite acts of the day. Also, how cool is that guitar?!

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Jen Just saw Walisuma at Gladstone. This guy is called Genaro and although my friend and I fell in love with all of them, Genaro was our favourite. He's gorgeous!
Stephen Cameron Thanks for the info Jen - I've seen Walisuma perform a couple of times since I took this shot and they're still just as good...
Faren I work for Walisuma at the tamworth country and music fest this is Genaro Chuquicallata there is also David Mario and Miguel They are the nicest people you colud ever meet in 4 yaers I will most likely be dancening 4 them they are so nice some people take one look and turn around well they should take a look on the inside too I know them well they rock thanks Walisuma.
Maree Stephen, this is a great shot of Genaro. I've taken many photos of Walisuma de los Andes over the years and they do photograph well, especially in full costume. They are very talented musicians, definately music for the soul!
Stephen Cameron Thanks Maree - I might be seeing them again in a few weeks time so hopefully I can get some even better shots...
Pauline This is my favorite group which playing
music from Andes. When you wanted arrive to Poland? I'm sure that soon.
Please you very send for me a few your CD's ,,Ayma'', Alturas. I will you very
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