2005-09-03 - TSS Earnslaw

The TSS Earnslaw is a majestic big steam ship that cruises up and down Lake Wakitipu. Here she is in dock after dusk. This was a 10 second exposure but it was under-exposed by more than a stop. Lesson learned: don't try to judge exposure from the screen alone. Use the histogram and push it to the right.

In other news: Today I did my first serious wedding photography job. I was the second photographer so I was able to relax a little more and enjoy it. It was good fun and I'm quite pleased with my results. Once I finish the NZ photos series, I might post a few...

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Graeme Thats an awsome shot. Great light and I love how the "Remarkables" stand out on the horizon. Did you alter the exposure in PS as it looks spot on.
Stephen Cameron Hi Graeme,
Thanks for the comments - it's a great time for taking photos and I've always liked the way a longer exposure looks at that time of day (the "blue hour"). I did alter the exposure in Nikon Editor (the RAW convertor for my camera) but because it was a RAW file and low ISO, the penalty is minimal.