2005-09-07 - Winter Fun

For my last day up on the slopes, I made an effort to get some more photos of the general atmosphere and "normal" action. Things didn't really go to plan but I ended up with a few reasonable shots. This was one of them - as I was hiking up the slope someone called out to me and suggested that I take a photo of a skier who would be coming soon over one of the small jumps on the side of the run. I'd watched a few other skiers go over this jump so I judged a reasonably tight frame, pre-focused and waited. Sure enough the skier came flying over the jump but higher than I expected, putting him half out of the frame. I was a bit disappointed that I missed the jump but I managed to get this shot of the landing. I quite like it because it captures the excitement and exhilaration of the moment...

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Anonymous I love his cheeky smile! Well captured!