2005-12-18 - Slippery Slide

Yesterday afternoon I had a visit from Rob Gray, whom I met recently. Rob is a highly experienced nature photographer and all round nice guy. He shares my fascination for macro photography so we went bug hunting in the garden. Up until now, I hadn't tried (or had much success with) insect macros but after getting some tips from Rob, I found my results improved a lot. I was amazed how many different creatures we found in a small area once we started looking.

This bright little bug was sitting on a blade of grass so you can get and idea of how small it was. Quite a challenge to photograph but fortunately it wasn't moving too quickly. I didn't quite nail the focus but it's fairly close. Next time...

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Michael Brown Love the depth you used in this shot and the touch of selective focusing on beetle.
Color, lighting, the composition, and details where you need it the most makes it a very appealing image!