2006-01-09 - Talking Tree

As it was the first day of the Woodford Folk Festival, I caught the opening ceremony. It may not be obvious what this photo is at first so you'll just have to believe me that it is a talking tree (no, really!). The photo doesn't convey it very well but it was a really neat effect and the projected light onto the trees looked quite real when animated. So very Woodford...

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Jeroen Mulderm When I loaded this I was thinking I was seeing a face in that image of a tree already. Only after reading the description it made sense :-)
Mira Very cool picture, you've captured it very well & congrats to the Woodford ppl for the effect
cybele m oooh looks so eerie. nice
Tiarnan Mc Cusker Hi Stephen,

I was wondering could you send me the original photograph of the talking tree in Wood ford which i found on your Hybrid Vision website. I have the words from the talking trees speech (Des Ritchie) and want to make a present for my Sister in Ireland. I have a lovely old frame and if i can get the original photo, put the words to the right of the picture and put it all together, she'll be whistling dixie and maybe shedding a tear of joy in memory of such a brilliant festival.

Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

You can reply to my hotmail address after Thursday as i'm off to New Zealand on the big trek home, so essentially if you could help me before then so that i can post the frame and picture home that would be grand.


Thanks a million,