2006-01-19 - Cool Cat

You're probably all getting a bit tired of seeing my Cat Empire photos, so this will be the last shot from their performance for the time being. This is a full-frame (uncropped) shot and although a slight crop might help it, I left it untouched to show just how close I managed to get to the stage, having started right at the back of the standing crowd. I was really amazed how laid back and friendly everyone was when I was trying to get a little closer to the action - I even had people go out of their way to give me room for a better shot. This exemplifies the Woodford spirit and I hope the festival never loses that.

In other news: I made a serious dent in my savings today with the purchase of a Nikon D200 and 70-200 VR lens! I'm so excited! Now the wait for them to arrive...

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