2006-06-03 - Ross Noble

Last night I went and saw comedian Ross Noble, which was a lot of fun. If you're not familiar with him, it's a bit hard to explain his style but essentially he combines a quick wit with a wild imagination. The show was good because he was constantly interacting with the audience and building the jokes around that. Afterwards, he even came out and had a chat with us. Very down to earth...

This shot was taken right near the end of the show - Ross was showing everyone x-rays of his dislocated shoulder and although it wasn't intended to to be funny, he still managed to link in a few jokes from earlier in the show.

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Ali WICKID!! I love it... That is such an unusual shot... he's a crazy man alright. I love the blue tones and the sloping lines beneath the lungs.. very nice :)
Trudy What a brilliant night and this photo is very memorable to me and also amazing that you got such a cool shot of Ross and his x-ray ... I wish you could show it to him.
Fred For some reason this looks like it belongs on the front of a CD cover... it'd make nice abstract sleeve artwork with a bit more done to it.