2006-06-07 - Post Office Twilight 2

Similar to yesterday's shot, except this time I used a longer exposure and waited for some cars to go past. I can't decide if I like this shot more than yesterday's. Most people seem to like the other shot more but I think they both have good and bad points. The next trick will be to combine all the good points from both into a single shot...

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Fred Hey, first off is there some means of telling the system to remember my details? it get's kinda tiresom to enter in my details for each shot I'd like to comment on.

Right now onto the photo... it reminds me of Italy... or maybe Spain, but more Italy. It's just that building, and the lights... love it.
Stephen Cameron Hey Fred,
Yeah, sorry about that - I know it is annoying filling in your details each time but I can assure you it's on the list of things to add to this version of the photolog. I've actually got it working on my local server version so hopefully it won't be too long before I can get it added to the live site.

Thanks for the comment on the photo. It's a cool building and I'm lucky to have it so close by.