2006-06-26 - Smoke Trails

The Paniyiri Greek Festival (see yesterday's shot) included a massive fireworks display at the end. I really wasn't prepared - wrong lens (70-200 VR) and no tripod but I thought I'd have a go anyway. That's what I love about digital photography, the freedom to experiment...

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Fred You've done some better shots of this category (and I don't mean that disrespectfully). I do like this... the whites and the clarity of color, but I think it's more impressive when you can capture the firework at it's widest spread... before it disappears.

Nicely done though... I remember trying to photograph some fireworks (hand-held) in November last year. Because I moved the camera (not being able to hold it dead still) the light also moved in the photo, and on top of that... the shots were all really, really noisy. But I learnt something from it. Maybe this year, I will be more prepared.
Stephen Cameron Hi Fred,
You're absolutely right. I wouldn't have posted this shot if I'd had something better that day. Like you say though, the important thing is to always learn from these experiences - in my case, to be more prepared.