2006-07-04 - Sunday Tide

A couple of Sundays ago, I had a photography job taking photos for a local real estate agent to go on a billboard. As you can see, it was a really tough location to cover :-)

This shot was taken after I'd finished the main job. So often the best shots seem to come near the end, when I'm most relaxed... There's something to be learned from that.

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Ashish Sidapara Beautiful shot, love the contrasting colors.
Fred Interesting. How much photograqphic work do you do? Is photography your professon or is it a hobby where you take work on the side?
Stephen Cameron Fred - At the moment, I don't do a lot of photographic work (at least not paid). Jobs tend to come in bursts but I do photography every day as a matter of practice - sometimes just a few shots, other times a few hundred. I would like to make photography my profession but I'm cautious about doing this because it might take away the great enjoyment I get out of photography. Also, for the time being, photography fits in quite nicely with my current profession (web development/design).