2006-07-22 - Green and Gold

Last week, the Australian U/20 women's soccer team (the Young Matildas) was in town for a training camp. Inspired by the recent Soccer World Cup and some of the amazing photos to come from it, I thought I'd go and try my hand at a few action shots.

I hadn't been there long before one of the team officials came over and asked me if I was from the local newspaper. I said no, and asked if it was ok to be taking photos. It hadn't even crossed my mind that this might be a problem but after a big discussion between the head coach and other officials, I was told I wasn't allowed to take photos because some of the players are still under 18. They were reasonable about it and I can understand why they need to take such precautions but I still think it is sad that we've reached an era where people are so suspicious of photographers...

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