2006-10-17 - Archie vs. Jock

As I've found lately, one picture is not always enough to tell a story so I thought I'd try something a bit different. I don't know how well it works as an overall composition but I think it tells the story and is better than any of the single images could be on their own.

Pictured here is Archie and Jock. Archie lives next door and was obviously attracted by Minx and her excitment. Although Jock is a gentle old dog (15+ yrs), he showed surprising agility when he decided to see Archie off. It was all in good fun though...

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Fred Haha. That's so cool.

In the bottom picture, with that black dog, that is great.
When she gets wound up (excited) our dog Chloe does the same thing. She put's her tail between her legs and runs around like a dog on speed (lol) It's so entertaining to watch.