2006-11-05 - Liberty Speed

I just finished my busiest time as a photographer so far, as the official photographer for the Bundy Thunder powerboat races this weekend. Over the last three days I've taken almost 1700 photos (about 5 gigs of JPGs) and have probably spent about 20+ hours with my camera in hand. The D200 performed wonderfully and didn't miss a beat despite the varied conditions.

The races are held in a straight stretch of the Burnett River and that means plenty of space for the boats to get wound up. In this shot the boat was probably doing over 200km/hr so I'm quite pleased with my panning (1/80s shutter speed). The only thing this photo lacks is the amazing sound the engines of these boats produce - I can still hear it ringing in my ears...

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Fred WHOA!

I truly believe you're the first one, out of all the photos I have seen, to have really captured the essence of speed! It actually looks like this guy is tearing down the river at a zillion miles an hour... really great shot. Awesome!