2007-01-03 - Taasha

I recently spent a couple of days and nights at the Woodford Folk Festival. It was my third festival and I enjoyed it more than ever. I'm still in the process of sorting all my photos but I will hopefully have plenty of interesting ones to show.

First up, I saw The Audreys play. It was a nice, mellow start to the festival. Pictured is Taasha Coates on lead vocals.

On a side note: while I've been sorting the photos, I've had the chance to try out the new version of Photoshop CS3, which also includes a new version of Adobe Bridge. It's only a beta version but I must say, I'm impressed by all the new features.

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Trudy Can't wait to see your Woodford photos and get to relive the experience! Lovely shot ... brought The Audrey's CD and its a great mellow, chill out music.
Mark Sallaway Hi Stephen,
I liked your site; very professionaland good photography. Comment/suggestion - can you have your archieve sorted by month or last 30? or such. When i accessed it, it loaded for ever on a slow link! cheers, marks
Stephen Cameron Trudy - Thanks, I hope the photos bring back some good memories!

Mark - I appreciate your comments and the suggestion about the archive page. Splitting it into pages / months is a long overdue feature that will be added with the new version of the site that I've been working on...