2005-03-01 - Mellow Yellow

Welcome to my humble photolog. This is the first entry in what will hopefully be a daily selection of photos that I take. For more info, see the about section.

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Caroline Very nice colors! I'll come back!
ladiscrete Very nice close up! I'll come back too!
Eric Great first image. I like the look and feel of your site. I hope you have fun in this journey
Jason I love the composition, regardless whether it was incorporated during the shot or post photo cropped. It's balanced quite well. I also enjoy the playful depth of field which almost makes the flower appear to float off its background. Almost as if its floating on a pond full of green reflections.
flygirl Beautiful colours, nice dof... The bright yellow absolutely gives me hope that spring is on the way :-)
Charlie And what a lovely start it is! Love the color tones in this image... the filmy green background sets off the yellow flower wonderfully. Nice shot.. and best of luck with your new blog!!
Stephen Cameron Thanks everyone for the great encouragement! I'm enjoying this whole process a lot already...

Jason: Thanks for another very insightful review! I enjoy your perspective as an accomplished artist :-)

flygirl: I hope spring comes for you soon. It is funny actually, I posted this on the first day of Autumn here in the southern hemisphere! Autumn and winter is very nice and mild here though...
Jason A beautiful photograph Stephen. Great positioning and focus. The colours of the flower and the background work well together.
Toidd Hi Stephen, I really enjoyed your gallery (and the remarks beneath each shot). The "one shot per day" is an excellent idea and you have managed to maintain a very high standard of photography. Great work !

Mark Great stuff Stephen!
john logan nice shot clarity may have been better on a canon
Stephen Cameron John - thanks but somehow I don't think a different camera will make me a better photographer :-)

By the way, this shot was taken on my 7 year old Nikon Coolpix 990.
Gerald Cook Great shot,I like the composition and the depth of field!
Ian Puff puff! I have been delighted going through all your photos. Will try for some sort of critique later.