2005-03-05 - Fire and Ice

Well, not really fire and ice... More like broken glass at a car wrecking yard.

So far, all the images I've posted have been pretty much straight from the camera, apart from a little cropping and resizing. This time I thought I'd post one with a bit of photoshop work in it. The effect was created using adjustment layers and blending. I have a variation on this one with only blue and green which I also like and might post at a later date. Until then, your thoughts are welcome :-)

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david Hey Stephen,

At first glance it really does look like ice. I like the colours...it almost looks like flavoured ice.
Nice work!
Andreas Can easily be mistaken for ice... Nice post-processing!
Sandra Johansson Stephen,
rnI just love this! I guess it's because I enjoy macro / close-ups so much.
rnWish I have met you earlier, maybe I would have been able to pick up a lot of tips from you!
rn(Ville's fiance)