2005-03-08 - Melbourne Underworld

I have a fascination for underground train stations - they make such interesting subjects and I love the futuristic look and perspective you can get. I don't think this particular shot is that good technically (I have sharper ones) but for some reason I quite like the feel of it. Thoughts welcome!

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Jason Now this is a brilliant shot! There are so many good things happening in this shot that I don't even know where to begin. So here we go:

Canvas -- You have managed to divvy up the canvas into the traditional one third proportions radiating from a single point in space -- very nice!

Motion -- You have captured the sense of movement ever so gingerly with the blurred left foot, arm, and shoulder of the passerby. I might also add, this is further enhanced by the soft focus.

Rhythm -- The rhythm captured in this scene is amplified by the repetition of lines as they compact tighter and tighter towards infinity.

Leading -- The play of light and shadow really provides an excellent path for the eye to follow. The far left of the scene is dark which quickly drew my initial attention and led me in to the image, followed immediately by the near blinding lit middle section, the tone and meter step up as the lines start to converge and finally swallow me up in the densest, darkest final resting point... the tunnel!

This is really a brilliant shot. It reminds me very much of the crescendo often found in a musical passage.
Jeroen I couldn't agree much more with Jason. Truly brilliant shot!

Got to love train stations.