2005-03-11 - Coked Out

I was compelled to post this photo today after reading some rather scary facts about Coke. I already knew it wasn't the healthiest beverage with all the sugar in it (not to mention other questionable secret ingredients), but I didn't realise quite how potent it is. I won't list all the facts I but one that sticks in my mind is that if you left a T-Bone steak in coke, it would be completely gone in two days! Which leads me to wonder, if you were caught in a giant vat of coke, would you dissolve too?!

PS: Coke is apparently also very good for cleaning engines!

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Jeroen Haha, indeed. One that has always bothered me as well is that you can remove rust with coke.. cute.

Awesome photo! Did you do post-processing on it, or did the engine just happen to have this monotone look? I quite like the difference between the somewhat coloured can and the engine block it's sitting in/on.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Jeroen! I did do some post processing on this one but I tried to keep it reasonably subtle. Basically just a mask around the coke can and some desaturation / colour toning on the rest of the image...
Andy. Well, the mythbusters pretty well proved that a lot of the coke stories were false.
But you can use it to clean rust. Phosphoric acid does that..

So don't make my coke shares go down! :)

Fantastic imagery so far dude. Keep up the good work.