2005-03-21 - Forked

Another big day today for photos and fun... I think I got some good ones but haven't yet had a chance to look through them all.

Today's photo is yet another macro - this shot is uncropped (just resized) and was one of my first attempts with the lens. It was taken in low light with no tripod so I had to push the sensitivity up and use the maximum aperture. For some reason I like the overall grainy / blurry effect. Thoughts welcome!

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Jason First let me say that this is another fine shot for reasons I will go into shortly. Second, what I would like to see from you in future dailys is; Instead of posting general banter regarding the shot, how about giving us YOUR opinions on why you like the shot. I think this would be an excellent excercise for you to grow as a photographer. It would help you to distinguish WHY a particular shot works and quite possibly outline why it doesn't.

Now regarding todays image, you have once again managed to capture one third proportions in the canvas. From left to right you have the initial blur, followed by a nicely focused middle third and followed by another third of blur. I particularly enjoy that you accomplished this on a diagonal plane.

Although the composition and canvas work well, I think the amount of blur in the fore and back grounds is a bit exaggerated and detract from the overall image.

However, the black and white is definately working for you. You have captured just enough contrast in the light and shadows to make it work.

The one thing I think would improve the image would be a bit more focus in the foreground.
Maggi Is Jason your teacher? He sounds like one.
Stephen Cameron Maggi - while Jason is not officially my teacher, he is someone who has taught me a great deal and continues to inspire me. He's a really good friend :-)