2005-03-26 - Cloud Mountain

This was taken yesterday evening as a big thunderstorm rolled by my house. It was an amazing sight - around dusk this enourmous cloud appeared on the horizon, brilliantly illuminated against an otherwise dark sky.

I ran to get the camera but the light was already fading and the cloud losing its shape, so I had to take a handheld shot at 1/20s, F1.8 @ ISO 800 (hence a bit of noise and blur). I then went to get the tripod and took some more shots but none had quite the same feel as this one, even though they were technically better.

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Christian Wow, what a great cloud! Your shot is very probably what I had done under the fresh impression of the cloud. But maybe I had asked me later if a wider shot could have increased the effect? Perhaps that was not possible or desirable, I've read your comment ...