2005-03-30 - The Lair 2

I'm not feeling quite as creative with the description as I was yesterday so instead, here are a few technical details since I didn't really include them for yesterday's shot (which was quite similar) - Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens @ 40mm, F/4.5, 30 second exposure, ISO 800 and, of course, a tripod! That's all there is to it really. No other post processing apart from a bit of tweaking - the rest of the colour and lighting is real. I love how the camera can show us things we would never otherwise be able to see.

Again, I like the contrasts in this shot, especially the unreal yellow glow from the window. I think the whole shot has good energy and motion and I like the pattern of the corrugations in the roof. Having said all that, I'm not totally sure about the balance of this shot - I feel like I should crop it but I don't want to lose the aspect ratio or remove too much of the sky. So in the end, I have left it as is but would appreciate any compositional suggestions anyone might have!

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Jason Regarding composition, if it were my shot I would crop it from the lower left corner so that the lower row of bricks under the window were the bottom baseline. This would give equal proportions on the lower and left edges and also lower the house into the lower third of the canvas leaving two thirds left for the sky. One third plus two thirds still gives you and equal canvas. However, no amount of cropping is going to fix where the image is lacking. The entire image is washed out with lack of contrast. The easiest way to test this is to desaturate the image in photoshop (thus rendering it a b&w). You will quickly see what I am talking about. The shy line and roof line are nearly provide no seperation in contrast and make the image nearly two dimensional and quite flat in appearance. This is by no means an attack on you or your skills, just another avenue of thought for you to consider. To me the shot appears rushed and no fully considered.
Jason As an after thought, sometimes you have to look at a shot outside of its original intent. I know what you were trying to accomplish with this shot, however, often you don't achieve what you were after. At this point you must ask yourself is anything salvageable? Often you will find something entirely different than what you had originally planned and I say embrace it! For example, this image has quite a bit of potential when approached in this manner. Here is what I saw when I gave it a second look: http://www.jtrusty.com/95.jpg Its not what you were trying to capture, however, its a gorgeous play of contrast and light and color! Not to mention and interesting and balanced composition. =)
Stephen Cameron You are absolutely right Jason, I posted this photo in some haste and it hasn't worked. Your comment about the lack of contrast is a useful one because it reminds me that I need to check my LCD monitor calibration more carefully. I've tried tweaking the settings and I like the way it renders images but I think I have the contrast a little too high.

Your suggested crop for the photo is excellent - to be honest, I wasn't sure about it at first but the more I look at the two variations, the more I like what you've done. I was so blinded by my original intention of including the sky/clouds that I just couldn't see that option. I still think the image is lacking but this is a big improvement. Thanks!