2005-04-13 - About Time

I've had my Nikon SB-800 flash for a while now so I decided it was about time I posted a photo with it. I've still got a lot to learn but I was pretty happy with the way this shot turned out - it is my most "studio like" so far. It was quite a simple setup: I used bounce flash off the ceiling and nearby wall. The background for the watch is actually the side of my computer case! I'll definitely be experimenting with this more. Next time I try it, I think I'll need to diffuse the flash a little more because there is a bit of an imbalance in exposure over the watch face.

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Ben Morrisson Hi Steve,
Ok here's my two bits.
This pic is a great effort for a single light source. Probably worth making sure yu have a solid mount when taking these sorts of shots. A longer exposure under studio lights instead of flash would give you more depth in the detail thats you are after. I supect that a small amount of post product in the bottom shadow would give you so exciting detail :)
I know you are concerned with the over exposure at the top of the watch but this is balanced by the shadow so gives it a film noir touch. I guess it depends whether you are going for a technical photo or something a bit more romantic for say a product image.
If you were after technical then the answer here 3 point studio lighting with large diffusers. For technical photos a neat trick is to shoot through a diffuser.
Ben Morrisson Can I edit that last comment? I hate comments - I dont make sense