2005-04-18 - Bubble Boy

With age comes self-awareness; which is why children make such great, natural subjects.

Expanding on yesterday's commentary, I think it is really unfortunate that, in order to capture moments like these, photographers have to risk being harassed or labeled as weirdos. Nobody seemed concerned about me taking photos on this particular occasion but I still felt a little bit uncomfortable - not because I thought I was doing anything wrong but because I feared people wouldn't understand what I was doing or my intentions for the photos. I suppose this is something that a lot of candid photographers face but I don't know how to approach it. Asking permission to take photos is not always practical and often ruins the spontaneity of the moment. Maybe I just need to develop a thicker skin.

From a technical viewpoint, I'm pretty happy with this photo. The light is quite good and I even got some sky reflections in the bubbles. If I was to change anything, I'd get rid of the person in the background to the right of the frame because I find it to be a distracting element. In fact, the more I look at it, the more it bothers me, so I will probably do a bit of editing later.

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Ela I have really enjoyed your street/portrait photography so far. I generally think that people are very interesting creatures themselves and that’s why they make such a great topic for photographs…The task for the photographer I guess is to catch the right moment and that something that is interesting and I think you are doing a great job here! Today’s picture is definitely my favourite one – as you said, children are great subjects and they make the picture so natural and unstaged! I really like the ‘waiting’ picture as well as it captures this atmosphere of holiday laziness…staring at the sea, taking things easy etc…. I guess it especially appeals to me because this is exactly what I would like to be doing right now :)

As far as the "awkwardness" is concerned I guess it’s a part of the package of street photography and you will just have to get used to it. I’m sure it will come more comfortable with time. Anyway, I don’t think most people really mind you taking pictures. Nowadays people seem to be more used to cameras, well definitely here, in Oxford, where there are always lots of tourists snapping around!

Definitely do not give up because it is worth getting great shots like these! :)