2005-05-01 - Peeking Out

There are a lot of Green Tree Frogs living around my house. Of a night time they can be found on the window sills or climbing up the windows in search of moths. During the day however, they take refuge in any cool, dark places they can find. This particular little friend lives in a hanging flower pot and I just happened to catch him as he was popping his head out for the night. Lighting comes from my external flash (SB-800) bounced off the ceiling.

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Matt Haha, great shot. It's funny how it's looking right at the camera.
Jason That's just an adorable shot. I love it :)
Joanne Hi Stephen!
I am having so much fun looking through your Photo Log... Kris sent me the link just a few days ago and it looks like I have heaps of catching up to do! (I could sit here for hours!) I really love your photography - this frog is gorgeous! You know what else I love - just looking at the mosaic of colour on your archive page... it's beautiful! I can certainly see how Kris was inspired to set up his own site! Thank you :-)
Stephen Cameron Hi Joanne,
Thanks for the nice comments - glad you're enjoying my photos! It means a lot. The archive page is getting a bit out of control with almost 700 thumbnails on it but I'm half tempted to leave it like that because it makes such an interesting mosaic. I'll probably change it so that you can view the last 50 or view all of them...