2005-07-24 - Time Out

Apart from the performers at the Woodford Folk Festival, I found some of the members of the general public really interesting - not the sort of people you come across every day.

This marks the end of my Woodford series, I hope you've enjoyed it. Tomorrow begins a run of photos from my recent trip to New Zealand. Stay tuned!

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Trish Perfect lighting - great subject. Good for a portrait competition.
Trudy I adore this photo.The light on skin, the textures, the tattoo, all great. Definitely a worthy portrait for competition!
adam wardel good subject, alittle too central withot much of an indication of the wonderful setting or context in which subject was photographed so the wall 'empties' the the photo of potential and i think the light is flat and uninteresting. i do think you're on the mark with character choice and admire you for making choices as to where you stand and/or how intimate you are with the subject. the one with the plane i like more, even though i like people images more generally, but it too is just too symetrical otherwise brilliant sky, clouds and texure. keep it up
Stephen Cameron Hey Adam,
Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed critique - point taken about the setting and lighting in this photo. Regarding the plane photo, I guess it is rather symmetrical but I actually like that aspect of it. If I ever get another chance like that, I'll be sure to try some less symmetrical shots...