2005-07-31 - Hang Time

Time for some action photos from the trip - I had a lot of fun taking photos in the snow and was lucky enough to catch a couple of competitions. In this case it was a halfpipe jam session running at Coronet Peak. I was quite surprised to find how steep the halfpipe was - I always thought from TV that they were flatter but this one was on quite a slope, which provided its share of challenges for photography.

Although it may look quite edited, I only made the usual minor adjustments to this shot. It was taken by lying on the edge of the halfpipe with my D70, SB-800 flash and 18-70mm lens set as wide as possible. I then set the shutter speed for 1/500s (highest flash sync speed possible). After that it was a matter of trying to pre-focus or track the boarder until he/she popped out of the halfpipe...

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