2005-09-18 - First Impressions

They always say, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (or a book by its movie, for that matter!). Of course, this is easier said that done since it is a natural instinct to make at least some sort of judgment based on first impressions. When I saw this guy, I thought he looked quite tough and not the sort of person you'd really want to mess with. Then I noticed the little pink butterfly he was holding...

Technical Note: I did some extra editing on this photo because I felt the background was too distracting, even though I used the widest aperture I could (F/4). The fake shallow depth of field effect usually looks really dodgy so it is not something I like to use but in this case, the background was already quite blurry; I just made it a little more so to remove distracting detail. I know it's a bit rough but I'm too tired to do any more with it tonight.

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