2005-12-24 - Christmas Reflections

Christmas is almost here! I hope you've all been good ;-)

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Mira This picture is stunning, decorations from a very creative view & one although I have looked through mounds of Christmas images I haven't seen one like it. Great for individuality. Technically i have very minimal knowledge however I must say for me the lighting works well, even the glare off the bauble adds to its innocence.
Stephen Cameron Thanks for the compliment Mira! This was taken at my office - the decorations were sitting on a glass-topped wooden coffee table and I noticed the reflection as I was walking past so I just had to try a few quick shots (I'm used to the strange looks my colleagues give me these days...). Technically this is probably a bit over-exposed, at least on the bauble, as you spotted. Maybe next year I'll get it right :-)