2006-02-01 - The Dream Team

I interrupt normal programming to present the following news flash: My D200 arrived today!

First impressions: WOW!

Here it is, pictured with its "kit" lens, the 70-200 VR, which I received just last week. I can already tell, these two are going to be very good friends :-)

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Ali Now your lovely sister get's the D70! ;)
Stephen Cameron Thanks Todd, I already am :-) These two make a killer combination...

Ali - yes, she's all yours. I have high hopes for you! No pressure... ;-)
Todd Now that is a beast :)

Have fun with it !

Jeroen Mulder Wow, that's one mean shooting machine. Huge lens, but having seen the recently posted photos, it looks like it'll be a beauty :-)
Stephen Cameron Hey Jeroen,
It is pretty huge and heavy but the results are definitely worth it! Plus, I get a free workout while using it... ;-)
Fred Nice! This lens is awesome. And coupled with the D200... it's phenomenal. This morning I just got my Sigma 170-500 APO lens, I kinda feel as excited as you must have getting that lens.
Stephen Cameron Just over 5 months in, I am happy to report that these two are still getting along very well!

The Sigma 170-500 looks like a nice lens and I'm sure you'll be able to do a lot with it, Fred. Be sure to let me know when you have a few results from it...