2006-02-05 - Noisy Miner

This is another of my first snapshots from the D200. These little guys are very common around the garden. Here you can see the fruit on the tree that the Rainbow Lorikeet in yesterday's photo was eating. This is also another heavy crop since 200mm really isn't enough for bird photography. The good news is that the D200 holds up very nicely, even when cropped this much.

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Fred I look forward to getting my D200 later next year. I can only dream of cropping this much at the moment. (I currentl have a D50) and whilst it's not realy ideal for regular heavy crops, you can squeeze out one or two, every now and then, when the light was right and there is little noise or grain.
Stephen Cameron Hey Fred,
The D200 will be quite a step up - it's a brilliant camera and is really nice to use. Make sure you refine your technique with the D50 because the D200 can be a lot less forgiving when it comes to poor technique (due to its higher resolution). I sometimes get slightly blurred shots that would have been ok on the D70...

As for being able to crop, you shouldn't need to do that too much with your new 170-500mm lens ;-)