2006-02-28 - Organic Keyboard

I returned to work today, which came as a bit of a shock to the system after two glorious weeks off. However, my industrious colleagues greeted me with a welcome back gift: my very own organic keyboard! Brilliant! :-)

This isn't the first time I've returned from holidays to find a surprise - on a previous occasion I found my desk and everything on and around it (chair, books, pens etc) completely wrapped in newspaper. I can't imagine what will happen next time I go on holidays...

I should also mention that this marks day #365 of my daily photos - one full year! I can hardly believe I did it. Tomorrow is the photolog's official birthday so I'll write more then and hopefully post something a little different. Stay tuned!

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Bo That is to funny. I work in the school system and would love to know how this was done. I have a friend here who love to play jokes and it would be fun to return the favor.

I just found your site and the pictures are a pleasure to stare at after a day with students who seem to pull every hair out of my head. I will return again and again. (Also if you have any suggestions on how to start up a PhotoBlog for someone who spends 10 hours a day working but still would like to share a little of my students true colors on the web please feel free to send me a note.
Stephen Cameron Hey Bo,
Thanks for the kind comments - glad you like the photos. As for the practical joke, I didn't see the whole process but apparently they removed all the keys on my keyboard and stuffed cotton wool underneath. Then they put the keys back on and sprinkled watercress seeds into the gaps. After that it was just daily watering and leaving the lights on at night to promote maximum growth! There's a site that details the process here.

Starting a Photolog is not too hard these days - I use a custom system that I built myself but there are a lot of good photolog scripts out there like PixelPost or FolderBlog.

Good luck!
Jacqui This is great- nature taking over technology. Also looks like a micro city, with keys as skyscrapers.
P.S. Do your colleagues do any work? :)
Stephen Cameron Thanks Jacqui - I like your interpretation...

I really do wonder sometimes how much work my colleagues do while I'm away :-p