2006-03-01 - ONE

A year ago today I started this photolog and made the commitment to myself to post a daily photo. I'm proud to announce that I (somehow) met my goal and managed to sustain the daily photo routine for a whole year! Although it was a challenge at times, I have really enjoyed this project and I know it has helped to develop my photography skills (still a long way to go). As a largely personal and unpublicised project, I wasn't expecting many visitors or comments but I have been pleasantly surprised by the response. My sincere thanks to everyone for their support and feedback - you helped give me the strength to continue with this project.

Here's to another year of photos, whatever it may bring...

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Andreas Congratulations!!!!!!
That's really great what you are doing! You haven't just met your goal renewing your website with just a pic every day, you succeeded in publishing one suberb photo every 24 hours!
I'm looking forward to another year with fantastic pictures.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Andreas! :-)
Your comments are much appreciated and I just hope I can continue to produce better photos...
Ali Wow... what an awesom achievement. One day bro, maybe I will have a collection as good. Well done- wicked colours!
Stephen Cameron Ali - a year from now I'm sure you'll have some amazing photos. Just stick with it and I think you'll be really surprised by the results (like I have been with this photolog...) If you love what you do, it will show.
Todd and Spikey Hey Stephen - well done, really impressed you kept it up :)

Good luck with the next 365 days !
Jeroen Mulder Absolutely brilliant! I know I don't comment a lot, but I try to play catch-up with your photolog every week or so. Every time I do so I am amazed by the quality of the photos you're posting.

Thanks for sharing them with us and do keep on going. You're my best photolog :-)
Stephen Cameron Jeroen - thanks my friend :-) I appreciate you taking the time to visit and don't expect comments. Just happy to know you're enjoying the photos. I'm honoured to be your best photolog (just don't click any of the external links I have here or I might lose that position! haha...)
Ian Onya Stephen!! You are a master of music performers. There's a beaut blue snow scene with 3 figures and full ski lifts b'ground. It should sell like a HOT cake!!!