2006-04-19 - Just Add Water

The rain that started during our night in the Hollyford Valley continued into the next day and didn't look like stopping. This was a bit of concern because we'd booked to go on an overnight trip out onto Milford Sound and when the rain sets in, visibility is very limited.

Once onboard our ship (The Milford Wanderer), the crew informed us that despite initial impressions, we were really lucky to be going out in the rainy and foggy conditions. At first I thought they were trying to put a positive spin on the situation but I soon appreciated what they were saying. The thing about Milford Sound is that the mountainsides are so steep that when it rains, the water has nowhere to go but straight down. On the day we went out, the whole Sound was transformed with waterfalls springing out from everywhere. This photo struggles to capture the sheer scale of the mountain and the number of waterfalls but hopefully it gives some idea of what it was like. A truly memorable trip. More to follow...

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JN What an amazing sight - beautifully captured.
Fred I just love the detail and the mist. It looks georgous. Almost surreal.