2006-05-31 - NZ Textures

It's the end of the month and also the end of my New Zealand series. I wasn't expecting to post so many photos from the trip but we managed to fit a lot into the two or so weeks. I hope you've enjoyed following along as much as I enjoyed reliving the trip :-)

This photo was taken on our flight out of Dunedin. I liked the texture of the land below. I think it looks a bit like a macro shot of wrinkled skin. An ancient landscape...

Update: I just noticed as I posted this that my stats counter has passed 100,000 views. Thanks for visiting!

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Andreas Hey Stephen!
I haven't been in in town for the whole week and so I almost missed the beautiful pictures you posted.
The texture in the pic above reminds me more on human brain...howerver a very nice shot out of the airplane!
Stephen Cameron Thanks Andreas - now that you mention it, this does look a bit like a brain. Makes it seem all the more alive...

Shots from an aeroplane are always a bit hard because of the windows. The shots always lack a lot of contrast and you don't get much choice on framing sometimes. It's good fun though.