2006-06-27 - Reach Out

I was recently going back over some of my old photos when I came across a series of shots from 2003. This is one of those shots and it remains a favourite, even today. Pictured is my sister and one of our young cousins. I know it looks posed but all I did was ask them to go up onto the ridge so I could get a good silhouette. The rest was spontaneous...

This shot was taken at Rainbow Beach, the same location as my previous Karate Kid shot.

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Graeme Nice silhouette series. You certainly know your photography...
Stephen Cameron Thanks Graeme - as much as I'd like to say there was a lot of skill involved in these shots, it was mostly about being in the right place at the right time...
miles I love this! It reminds me of those old movies. Really well done, not over done, just simple, perfect.