2006-06-29 - Home Time

The last of my mini series from Rainbow Beach, 2003. Such a brilliant place for silhouettes!

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miles Actually this is probably my favourite.. for some reason this makes me think of christopher robin being led home by mum. If only mum had a pooh bear in her hand!
chantal beautiful
ROB Love this silouette. The serious lady and the childish, well child. Reminds me of 60's photos that I have seen in at my grandparents.
Ameen Amazing.
Ashish Sidapara Stunning!
Trey Keyworth Hi Steven

It's us the Keyworth's from Gladstone. Love your photos. Wondering if you could let us know what internet service you use. Darren is interested. Thanks.

Kerry, Mikael, Matthew & Trey
Stephen Cameron Thanks everyone :-)

Miles: I see what you mean! Maybe I should make an edit to add pooh bear in there...
joshua haynes hi Trey Keyworth ist josh,scott and matt of branxton hi