2006-07-20 - Bits and Bytes

Digital technology has simplified the life of photographers in so many ways but it has also opened up a whole new problem: backups. This isn't my hard drive but I have had drives fail on four separate occasions. I've lost some important data but fortunately never photos. My current backup system is still far from ideal so I'm looking into something better. It takes considerable time and money but I'd rather this than risk losing irreplaceable photos.

So, a friendly reminder - if you have digital photos that are not backed up in at least one other separate physical location, do yourself a favour and back them up before it's too late! Remember, it's not a case of "if" but "when"...

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Kerry great advise.
Fred lol, yea... anyway, great shot Steve. Macro lens?
Stephen Cameron Actually this was just taken using the 18-70mm kit lens that I got with the D70. For larger objects you can do some reasonable close-ups...