2006-08-03 - Bubble Magic

One of the stilt walkers at the recent Childers Festival of Cultures.

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Fred This one is absolutely amazing. How you managed to get those bubbles, I don't know. I mean, seems like there was a pretty shallow depth of feild... and alll those bubbles can't have been directly in line, yet, they're all in focus. Great job.

The composition, I like. Also like how you caught the light on the womans sleeve.
Ali I looooove this one!! Wicked bubbles- i like the little sun reflections at the top of the bubbles and as Fred said, the light on her sleeve... Really nice! It wouldn't have been easy to capture this moment.. nice..
Stephen Cameron Thanks Fred and Ali. I was really pleased with the way this shot turned out. The lighting conditions were awkward for a lot of the scenes I wanted to capture but in this situation, it worked out perfectly. I was quite far away for this shot but at 130mm and F/4, there was just enough depth of field. This was originally a horizontal shot and included another stilt walker but I cropped her out to make a stronger image.
Ian Bottle this one! Well remembered. Light,subject and comp 10/10.