2006-08-17 - Hibiscus Stamen

From a morning wander in the garden... Not as sharp as it could be - I should have used a tripod.

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Fred Oh, you actually have flowers in the garden? Goodness. All the color and flowers here in England have gone. It's a shame. Just green trees now... it's all rather sad that Summer is drawing to a close and Autumn will soon be upon us.

I agree, the photo could use a little more sharpness... and maybe centerd, but then you'd lose the flower petals in the background. Personally, I'd have put it in the center of the frame.
Stephen Cameron The climate here is very mild, so we usually have at least a few flowers all year round. It's nice but I miss the fact that we don't really get autumn colours or the blankets of dead leaves.

It's tempting to centre shots like this and it may have worked better but I was trying for a bit of a different view point on this shot. More depth of field would have helped I think.