2006-09-06 - Callistemon

Some bottlebrush flowers taken earlier this afternoon while I was experimenting with wireless flash. Still so much to learn but I am really inspired by the possibilities. Photography is light and to be able to control it is an exciting propsect.

Big thanks to Strobist, aka David Hobby for his wonderfully informative site.

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Trish Superb - they look 3 dimensional
Kerry Aren't the bottlebrush flowers beautiful at the moment. Lovely picture.
Fred Interesting photo. Afternoon? How did you get the background completly blacked out? when there must have been daylight there?
Stephen Cameron Fred - that's a little trick when using the flash as the main light source. It was late afternoon so there was still plenty of light for focusing manually but I set the exposure to completely underexpose the scene (it would have been black without the flash). It's not a hard effect to achieve as long as you don't have too much ambient light and/or you have enough flash power.