2006-09-07 - Cabbage Contours

More fun with the wireless flash. I set it inside one of the cabbages in our garden for this back-lighting effect. Believe it or not, I haven't modified the colours at all. The only edits were a crop and resize/sharpen.

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Fred It's comforting to know that even you, with your D200 and expensive lenses, shaepen up your images in PS afterwards. I am also supprised that's the only tweaking you made. The back-light/ diffuse glow type look is great. Nice shot.
Stephen Cameron haha, I can assure you, even with the most expensive gear, you almost always have to sharpen images that have been down-sized because they lose sharpness in the process. Some shots need more sharpening than others and you can often hide a soft shot if you resize and sharpen it enough (there's a fine line though).