2006-09-08 - Bougainvillea

The striking colours of Bougainvillea plants are usually enough to grab attention but look a little closer and you will see these neat little flowers. Once again, the lighting for this shot was provided by wireless flash, held off to the left in one hand. I'm really enjoying my experiments with light...

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Fred Did you use a tripod for this shot? Otherwise, isn't holding an off-camera flash while trying to frame a photo kinda hard?

Is this one of those plastic flowers? I really don't mean to be rude, but looking at the white flower, and it looks kinda plastic... I guess that's just the awesome sharpness.
Stephen Cameron No tripod for this shot (I don't currently own one...). It is a bit of a challenge holding the flash in one hand and the camera in the other with manual focus but I've had a bit of practice at it.

This is a real flower, although I think I can see why you thought it was plastic. The lighting is not very natural, or at least not what you would expect from a flower outside. I like that about it though.
Charmelle Stunning! This reminds me why this Bougainvillea's are my favourite :-) You managed to capture the beauty, complexity & simplicity in one perfect shot. Well done!