2006-09-10 - Dawn Paddlers

Despite some initial tiredness, I got up this morning before dawn and with camera in hand headed down to the local river. We were going in hunt of some platypus, which are usually quite active around daybreak. Today they were nowhere to be seen but it didn't really matter - it was just fantastic being out on the calm, misty water as everything came to life. A great way to start the day.

Some details on this shot - I took this from the front of another canoe and it is completely unedited. I'm pleased with how well this turned out straight from the camera. I really should make an effort to get up early more often.

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kerry really nice
ALi Beautiful light! You may wish to clarify that you weren't actually 'on the hunt' for platypus...=) just out for some wildlife appreciation..
Stephen Cameron Ali - barbecued platypus is a highly underrated delicacy! :-D