2006-10-08 - Whale Of A Time

Another whale launching itself out of the water. It's quite an amazing sight, especially when you consider that these Humpback Whales can weigh up to 36+ tonnes.

One problem I encountered with photographing the whales was that because they were relatively far away and they appeared so suddenly, the autofocus system had trouble locking on sometimes so I ended up with a lot of out-of-focus shots. No one said it was meant to be easy though...

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Fred Suprises me about the autofocus locking on... usually they're pretty good. But i realize with action shots like these, you literuly have seconds (and very few of them) to react... so this is a good try.

It almost looks like there is two photos. The beach creates a very fine line between the top and bottom halves of the photo. You could easily cut it in half and it'd work like that, too. Although I think, not as well.